Coca Cola Marketing Strategies for Hinterland Penetration in India

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Marketing Study
Exploring Opportunities In India

• Introduction • Challenges Faced • Opportunities Explored • Planning & Strategy • Actual Implementation & Results • Current Scenario & Future Prospects

Coca Cola – The Company

Coca Cola Worldwide
• It was founded by John Pemberton in 1886 • It is No 1 nonalcoholic beverage company with a market share of with a 52% • It is the largest brand in the world with a brand value of 67 billion dollars. • It has its footmark in more than 200 Countries.

• • • • To refresh the World. To inspire moments of Optimism To create Value and Make a Difference The Coca Cola promise simply says - The Coca Cola Company exists to benefit and refresh everyone who is
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against non eco friendly operations

Exploring Opportunities

Market Scenario
• Paradigm Shift in concentration of markets from Urban to Rural • Economic growth in agricultural sector-7%,Industrial Sector-3%

Beyond Urban India
• Markets which can be entered • Growth & prospect • Infrastructure & maintenance • Television & media connectivity

Planning & Strategy

Planning on segmentations
• “Think local, act local” mantra followed • Looking at India as two different markets – Urban & Rural

• Different strategies for different markets
• Multiple Ad & media campaigns

The 3 A’s
• 3A’s : Availability, Affordability and Acceptability • Availability – tapping the distribution channels • Affordability – Pricing strategy to increase sales

• Acceptability – Touching the sentiments of different people in different styles and making them accept

COKE as a brand and its drink

More Marketing
• Aggressive marketing through TV ads, hoardings, and also associating with top celebrities to cash on their image

• Invest in channels to improvise distribution
• Also involving itself in CSR to improve its brand and make people associate with itself

Implementation & Results

Pricing & Infrastructure
• Average price brought down to Rs.5 • Retail outlets doubled from 80,000 to 1,60,000 • 2,00,000 refrigerators supplied to vendors • 5000 trucks and autos purchased

Advertising & Media
• Ads featuring Aamir Khan • “Thanda matlab Coca Cola” & “Life

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