Coca Coda Aims And Objectives

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Register to read the introduction… A strong brand image is very important to any retailer as a recognised, trusted and respected brand ensures customers can be certain that they know what to expect with their chosen retailer and can give the retailer a competitive advantage. Successful businesses such as Coca Cola have a powerful brand image and can be identified all over the world and always remain in the top 10 of the best global brands. The brand of any retailer should not just be seen as their logo or slogan but seen as an experience for the consumer. Coca cola have created such a strong identity the word ‘coke’ is now part of every day life and culture. Many other cola brands have similar packaging and are retailed at a lower price than Coca-Cola however Coca-Cola is the trusted and original brand therefore customers know they will not be disappointed. Coca-Cola’s branding is iconic which gives them a competitive edge, positioning themselves against their competition. BHS is currently seen as being ‘outdated’ and even though they recently have been rebranded, this has not been carried out through all stores and not been promoted effectively. A key objective which needs to be reached by BHS is for the rebranding and refurbishment to be carried out through all stores and for this to be advertised appropriately to generate interest from potential …show more content…
It was brought to our attention by many customer reviews expressing that BHS always seems to be low in stock (Qype 2008). To address this issue we are going to invest in larger distribution methods and buy larger double-decker transportation lorries to enable more stock to reach our stores. They will be especially useful for long distance journeys to Scotland or Ireland which will be dramatically reduced. We are also in discussions about building another distribution centre in Scotland, as our current centre is in the south of England. This would result in less fuel and employment costs as the centres will be nearer the stores and high demand stock will be able to reach the stores quicker. This will show that we are a company who listen to our customers and solve any enquiries. Investing in larger lorries and the potentially expense of building another distribution centre is not a major concern as we are owned by Arcadia which means we do have financial support to allow this to

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