Coach Davenports Coaching Philosophy

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Coach Davenport opened up with his very diverse and arduous journey, on how he became a coach. Davenport’s long history, all hedged to a point, being that if you want to break into the world of coaching, I learned that you have to get involved, no matter where and work hard. Davenport, taught us how to better get our foot in the door in the world of coaching, and I learned from his example that every program no matter how big or small needs help. Citing Pat Summit, who is one of the most successful women’s basketball coaches of all time, who got her start doing all kind of low level jobs at Tennessee. Parting words on his past experiences in coaching was his philosophy which weighs heavy on my mind being “It’s why you coach, not where you coach”. I learned a lot from Coach Davenport, in that it is all about getting involved and a willingness to work at schools, clinics, and camps. …show more content…
Davenports, psychological philosophy is profound and makes a lot of sense and teaches me how to better approach the coaching model when dealing with male vs. female athletes. Furthermore, Davenport said that Athletes will rise to the expectations set on them, which is a mirror of Coach Faulkner’s “athletes will rise and fall to coach’s expectations.”. Capping off philosophies, he talked about learning from other coaches to grate your own philosophy and how the sport doesn’t matter that you learn

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