Cmis 351 Assignment 1 Essay

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The purpose of this report is to analyze the Queen’s Inn current reservation system and propose a recommendation for management to move towards an automated system that will increase profit, transparency to management on daily operation and to introduce a solid tracking system of their customers promoting efficiency and accuracy by using Microsoft Access.

As a result of utilizing automated advanced database entry system like Microsoft Access, users will be able to generate queries and reports based on their own desires without going through circles or complex steps. Using a database querying system, anyone in management of Queen’s Inn will be able to find out how the business is doing on a daily basis, how many rooms
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The average result after running the query in Access reveals that the length of stay for Bay-window is 3 days, Ocean 3.6 days, and Side 5.5 days. The average number of visitors per room type is achieved by using the total number of visitors per room type then divided by

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