Cma Whistleblower Paper

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To: Whom It May Concern

Date: May 17, 2013
Re: Whistleblower Incidence

Whistle-blowing is the activity of a person telling the general public or a person of authority something dishonest or illegal occurring within their organization. Many individuals end up facing severe consequences in the form of backlash from their organization.

Over fifteen years ago, Joanna Gualtieri, a former foreign affairs realty portfolio manager, spoke up about lavish spending in the form of accommodation abroad for staff that was a part of foreign affairs. Reports from the Inspector General and Auditor general evidenced her claims. Some of the spending she observed was an eighteen million dollar mansion in Tokyo which remained empty for several
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The lawsuit was eventually settled although the terms of the settlement are unknown.
"Public revelations of corporate and government malfeasance have spawned an industry of consultants and speakers preaching to the boardrooms on the need for organizational integrity”. Situations like this cause individuals to avoid participating in such matters and it has increased distrust in the government and specific industries. Numbers of employees witness inappropriate actions but do not speak out in fear of consequences such as the ones Joanna had to face.
After her experience, Joanna founded the Federal Accountability Initiative for Reform (FAIR), a Canadian public interest organization. Her organization has played a substantial role in the formation of legislations within Canada regarding whistle-blowing. The organization brought the very first legislation of protecting whistleblowers to the Parliament of Canada. It eventually passed the Servants Disclosure Protection Act.
Without organizations such as Joanna’s, companies must collectively commit, implement and practice processes and procedures that protect whistleblowers “who through their individual acts of conscience serve the public interest and promote public trust”. Without public trust, the work of professionals in government, law and accounting for example would mean nothing.

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