Type 2 Diabetes Among Hispanics

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Diabetes Capstone
With the high percentage of Hispanics getting Type 2 Diabetes it raises concerns within the healthcare field. Are we doing everything we can to educate the Hispanic community on preventing Type to Diabetes? Bringing healthcare providers to educate the Hispanic community will help decrease the rates of Type 2 Diabetes among Hispanics. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the setting in which Type 2 Diabetes among the Hispanic community is observed, a detailed description of the problem, the impact of the problem in the work environment, the quality of care provided by staff, and patient outcomes, the significance to the nursing profession, and the solution to the problem.
Setting in Which Type 2 Diabetes is Observed The
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Type 2 Diabetes is a major problem in the Hispanic community, which can lead to many health complications. Many are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes due to lack of exercise, poor diet, lack of resources, and no access to healthcare services or transportation. Moreover, many have an educational deficit to Type 2 Diabetes, which increases the chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes. The prevalence of developing Type 2 Diabetes among the Hispanic community is about 2.5 million (Valen, et al., …show more content…
Nurses must be able to have full knowledge of Type 2 Diabetes and the Hispanic cultural in order to educate this group. By holding presentations in the Hispanic community within schools, churches, and homes nurses can help fight the increased development of Type 2 Diabetes.
Solution to the Problem More importantly the solution to decrease the development of Type 2 Diabetes among the Hispanic community, would be to hold presentations to educate everyone on the prevention and management of diabetes. As well, as allowing healthcare providers to call their patients weekly on their progression of the teaching towards Type 2 Diabetes, to motivate their clients to continue exercising, and eating healthy. Many healthcare providers will need to take Spanish medical terminology classes to help alleviate the problem with

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