Research Paper On Diabetes Mellitus

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Diabetes Mellitus
Thousands of people around the world suffer from a disease called type one diabetes mellitus that can cause them severe consequences if its not treated in time. These disease has impacted millions of people worldwide and the number in millions is increasing rapidly as the years go by. The lack of exercise and a health diet is a prior factor to prevent these disease so you dont have to go through the symptoms and consequences of these disease.
People with this type of diabetes have excess thirst, nausea,fatigue,blurred vision, unexplained weight loss and many other side effects.Theirs people however that don’t present any side effects and thats why people have to try to check their blood pressure at least every two months
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Even Though theirs isn 't a way to prevent the disease sometimes it has nothing to do with the health its just genetically or it just happens by itself for no reason. These disease can be prevented by doing exercise daily at least 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days a week,having a healthy diet and by maintaining your ideal body weight.The disease can be either be passed on genetically or it can develop throughout the years because of the lack of exercise or because of other contributing factors. There 's something called transient neonatal diabetes mellitus and its caused by certain gene mutations and its inherited, the type of pattern is called autosomal recessive pattern and its when both of the copies of the gene in each gene are mutated. That means that there 's always a risk of a person getting the disease just because of their genes thats why people have to get tested. The second type of diabetes mellitus increases in risk as people get older and the race matters too because mostly the people that get these disease include Mexican Americans,African Americans,Asian Americans,American Indians,Native Hawaiians,and Pacific Islanders. It mostly happens to women when they go through menopause but it also happens to men mostly when they get older, worldwide the people that it mainly affects are the ones that are from forty to fifty nine years old.The country that is increasing rapidly in the number of people getting the disease are the developing countries because of the lack of many healthy food products and because of the lack of necessary resources that the people don’t have because of the country and their low economic income. It mostly happens in developing countries because their the ones that the least resources and they have less hospitals so they don 't detect the diabetes in time

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