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January 17, 2013

Topic: Practice Case Examination RomaCorral Foods Ltd.

Overview In this post-session assignment, candidates work on a case that focuses on a Canadian public company called RomaCorral Foods Ltd. (RCFL) that owns and operates two chains of restaurants in Canada. One chain specializes in Italian cuisine (Roma Italian) and the other in mid-level steak house cuisine (Corral Steak House). This assignment provides candidates with an opportunity to use the concepts and tools learned from other assignments to resolve some key issues faced by a Canadian company that has to develop a plan for dealing with a downturn in its industry and ensure that its parent company’s requirements and the bank’s
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Detailed instructions for completing the Practice Case Exam are provided in the Securexam Student User’s Guide. M3A5 – RomaCorral Foods Ltd. (RCFL) The case, RomaCorral Foods Ltd., is provided in two parts: the Backgrounder, which is posted separately to the Module 3 home page, and the Additional Information, which is posted to the Module 3, Assignment 5 page. Note that the date and time a candidate opens the Additional Information file will be automatically recorded. This time stamp will be available to provincial staff, markers and moderators. Candidates should not open the Additional Information file until they are ready to write the Practice Case Examination. Required: The case requirements are provided in the Additional Information document located on the Module 3, Assignment 5 page. Candidates should use their knowledge of the Steps for Approaching Business and Corporate Strategy as a structure to plan and write a response. In order to fully prepare for the Case Exam, candidates should be sure to adjust their time in order to complete all the steps from Steps for Approaching Business and Corporate Strategy, including Step 8, Financial Forecast. Candidates should write a response under conditions that simulate what they will experience in the Case Examination. To simulate these conditions, candidates should print the

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