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Club IT Recommendations
Club IT is a 6000 sq. foot nightclub which looks to build a clientele base of close regular customers who share a love of music and enjoy watching it live while enjoying drinks with friends. Club IT’s customers are mostly Net Generation and Millennials. They regularly use mobile technologies such as Blackberries, PDAs, camera phones, and other wireless communication devices. Online shopping is a regular part of their lives. The owners, Lisa and Ruben, have a clear mission defined for Club IT to offer live music, DJ’s, dance space, appetizers, wine and spirits to fit their guests’ lifestyle. Lisa and Rueben recently finished updating the look of the club and would now like to invest in an upgrade of the clubs
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The long term goal of the information system will be use that information in order to maximize Club IT’s profit potential.
The hardware and software for the new IT system will require extensive training of the current staff and owners. It will also be necessary to develop a training manual for future new hires. The current staff will first be evaluated to gauge their individual technical capabilities. Those with a good grasp of computer basics will participate in a hands-on classroom style instructor-led training. An instructor will show employees how the software works and how to perform common tasks, with users then performing the tasks themselves in training mode on the actual POS system. Employees will role play and work through the actual ordering process. Training on the system will take two weeks and occur in three hour sessions before Club IT opens for business on weekdays. Employees who do not have basic computer knowledge will participate in individual hands-on instruction. An instructor will walk each user individually through the process of performing common tasks and answers questions. These sessions will last five hours each and take place at Club IT on Sundays when the club is closed. They will also take part in the group training on weekday mornings. While training is taking place, Club IT will continue to use its existing system during hours of operation. The final three days

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