Argumentative Essay On Clinical Depression

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I have a clinical depression.
I believe depression exists long time ago; however, people at that time did not have the knowledge of it. As time passes, people start to know what depression is and its potential symptoms. I think people have more awareness and knowledge to know the word “depression.”. Depression is not only a state of being sad, but also a disease that conquers the ability to feel emotions, whether good or bad. Depression not only involves the mind, but also it involves the body and thoughts. We can separate it to different levels. Sometimes I feel English is so poor because we can only use “depression” to describe that kind of complex feeling or a disease. In this modern society, there are still many people who do not understand
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In general, depression is considered as a disease no matter the level is minor or major. Depression is a disease that happened in one’s mind, it always comes quietly and it is hard for people to recover from such disease. I believe the worst part of depression is the uncertainty of its existence, just like Merwin state in his essay “As though from under a floor it is heard, as though from behind a wall” (Merwin 210). The uncertainty is the main reason why those patients end up committing suicides. They cannot control the disease and the disease keeps torturing them. There are two sides of a coin. We have heard a lot of the stories from depression patients, so we are scared. As a recovered patient myself, I did learn a lot of things during the depression. Depression is mostly caused by pressure, so you will have to find ways to cure yourself from depression. In the meanwhile, you are learning how to deal with the pressure, and how to transfer it to the positive energy. Solomon states in his essay that “I hate being depressed, but it was also in depression that I learned my own acreage, the full extent of my soul” (Solomon 236). Depression can be a bad thing; nevertheless, on the other hand, we can learn more about ourselves. When we turn these bad emotions to motivation, this will make us stronger. In my own experience, I discovered that I had depression because I did not manage my stress well. Throughout the period, I have …show more content…
Since people know what depression is, they have been looking for the best treatment for a long time. It is probably easy to cure a cold, sore throat or stomach ache because all we have to do is take medicine and we will become better. However, for depression, we cannot get better by doing those simple things. Solomon state that “Depression interacts with personality. Some people are brave in the face of depression (during it and afterward) and some are weak” (Solomon235). Depression is a disease that something keep torturing one’s mind. It is a mental disease, so I believe there is no best way to cure it. Different treatments should apply for different individuals since we are all different from each other. As someone who was almost killed by S. Weir Mitchell’s “resting cure” for depression, Gilman wrote in her essay that due to the fact that her husband- a doctor wanted her to treat depression by what a normal doctor would demand her to do – rest cure. Her emotion started to be unstable, “I get unreasonably angry with John sometimes. I am sure I never used to be so sensitive. I think it is due to this nervous condition” (Gilman 335). Rest cure is a way to treat depression by making a patient staying in a room without going outdoor. Nevertheless, walking around the garden was what Gilman wanted to do; instead, she got stuck in a room that was decorated with yellow wallpapers. On the contrary, in Solomon’s essay, he found his suitable

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