Climate Change : The Warming And Changing Of The Earth 's Atmosphere

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“‘We know even relatively small amounts of sea level rise affect us,’ he said. ‘All the models we’re seeing are concerning’” (Abel). Climate change, the warming and changing of the Earth’s atmosphere, has become a very prevalent issue over the past century. Despite having numerous sources in terms of hard evidence, many people still do not believe in the effects of climate change. Sea level rise is one effect of climate change that may change the minds of many because of its reality in today’s world. This issue is especially relevant in the Northeast because of several factors that further affect the sea level rise. In order to stop further effects on the Northeast laws must be put in place to stop carbon dioxide emissions. As the sea levels in New England rise, the more effect is felt on the people of the area, therefore society must take action to slow the process of sea level rise.
Climate change has become a prevalent issue over the last several centuries. Research suggests that since the mid-nineteenth century, Earth’s average temperature has increased by about 1.4° Fahrenheit. Despite being partially natural, scientists have discovered that a majority, more than 90%, of the warming since the mid 1800s has been because of human activity. The leading contribution to global warming by humans is the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are the chemicals let out into the air from a number of processes, including the burning of fossil fuels.…

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