Does Antony Love Cleopatra

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The initial incident in the play starts when Antony lives in Egypt with his love Cleopatra. Anthony lives a luxurious life in Egypt. He eats massive feast, drink wine all night long, and evens dance to the music being played until morning, where he sleeps so he can those events the following night. Although Antony enjoys his time in Egypt, problems in the Roman Empire like rebellions and civil war draw him back to Rome. Not only that, his friend Ceaser is mad at Antony for breaking his sworn promise that when needed, he will send troops and supplies to Ceaser. The trivial matters between Ceaser and Antony are solved when Agrippa, one of Ceaser’s men, recommends that Antony should marry Ceaser’s half sister, Octavia, in order to reestablish …show more content…
Knowing that Antony wants to kill her, she and her attendent head to her tomb. There Cleopatra locks herself inside and sends Mardian, an attendent, to bring Antony the news that Cleopatra has taken her own life out of guilt for betraying Antony. When the news reaches Antony, he is in a state of despair. He thinks to himself about the honour he loss, his sense of being a soldier, and how he was even betrayed the person he loved the most. Now knowing that there is no other option left, he orders Eros to kill him, so some of his honour can be restored, but Eros can’t kill Anthony and out of loyalty, so he stabs himself. Anthony, now realising that he must kill himself, stabs himself, but does not end up dying immediately. Upon hearing that Antony has stabbed himself, she and her attendants bring Antony to the tomb where they fogrive each other and make peace before Anthony passes away. The denouncement occurs after the death of Antony. Upon hearing the death of Antony, Ceaser enters Cleopatra’s palace where Cleopatra explains that her loyalty resides only to Ceaser and him alone. Ceaser out of generosity grants that she will still be ruler of Egypt so that she has nothing to worry about. But startling news presented by Dolabella says that Ceaser is planning to make her march in his triumph ceremony in Rome. Feeling the humiliation, she orders a countryman to dig up poisonous figs and bring the basket to her palace. Inside the basket there is also a poisonous snake that Cleopatra ordered so that she can kill herself. She takes the asp and kisses each of her attendants; all of them eventually die. Then to make sure her pride and honour is protected she puts the snake on her breast and lets the snake bite her. This ends up killing her and when Ceaser finds out what happend, he says that she will be buried next to Antony and that the whole army will attend the funeral. This concludes the play for Antony and

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