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Many debate Cleopatra’s death was a suicide or murder.Cleopatra had died and it was said that it was suicide. Many people go against that theory and say that it was murder.She was said to have committed suicide with an asp, and Egyptian Cobra, while she was captive by Octavian. That very well could not have been the cause of her death.Cleopatra has always been the most memorable Egyptian Queen of Egypt, but her death has been questioned over again and no one is really sure how or why she died. Scientists have discovered a theory other than suicide, snake bite and poison, that I very much agree with, the theory of murder.
Historically, Cleopatra has been mainly known as Egypt’s last Queen/Pharaoh, but no one has ever questioned her death.There
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A new theory comes to light, as she explores the death of Cleopatra, the theory of murder. As I have come to realize, it is the most probable theory. Her throne was envied by many, but especially by Octavian; Roman Emperor. Octavian had also kept Cleopatra captive during her death, he could have ordered for someone to kill her and her servants, that way there are no witnesses that could defy her death. (Gray.) Professor Christoph Schaefer challenges the beliefs of past centuries of how Cleopatra had died. Schaefer, like many others does not believe it could have been an asp (Egyptian Cobra) that killed Cleopatra. He comes to a conclusion that she was intent on suicide and the bite of a snake would not have killed her as a Cobra bite is not always fatal. He believed that in order for her to commit suicide it had to have been quick, since she was guarded by Octavian’s guards.It could not have been a snake bite because in history, Cleopatra shows up dead with two of her servants and snakes do not bite more than

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