Clean Diet Essay

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Clean Diet
When you hear “clean diet,” you are most obviously to think of eating healthy. There is a lot more to eating healthy and it is, in a way, harder to maintain a clean diet. Especially, if you are use to eating out at fast food restaurants and have a love for consuming certain types of junk food. A clean diet is basically eating organic and unprocessed foods. No matter what website or books you find about clean diets the bottom line is that it is a healthier way to go so therefore, there isn 't really in actually definition of clean diets. Kathleen M. Zelman quotes Tosca Reno, in her “ The Eat Clean Diet: Diet Review,” saying that “The Eat-clean Diet is a lifestyle way of eating that allows you to eat more, weigh less, and become
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According to Diane Welland, in her article “Seven Principles of Clean Eating,” she states the clean eating “dates to the natural health food movement of the 1960’s, which shunned processed foods for the sake of moral and societal values rather that health and nutrition (” This shows us that clean eating be a topic/ trend for almost over 55 years. The moral and society side would probable be the fact more people are spending money on processed, unhealthy foods, when they could eat healthier foods. I believe there is too much money put into the fast food chains when it could be put a larger production of organic …show more content…
Too much salts are bad to have in your diet because they can lead to certain health risks like hypertension, which can lead to heart diseases, high blood pressure, strokes and kidney disease( So the less salt in your meals, the healthier you are the avoiding those certain risks. There actually good fats and bad fats. Bad fats are known as trans fats, and they are one of the worst fats that your body can consume. Trans fats go through a byproduct process of hydrogenation, which “is used to turn healthy oils into solids and prevent them from becoming rancid (” Trans fats can increase the amount of dangerous LDL cholesterol cholesterol in our bloodstream (” This can also cause heart disease because it is reducing the healthy cholesterol in our blood

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