Classroom Design Research Paper

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Classroom space is very important, because young children spend a lot of time, usually the whole day in the same classroom. When creating a classroom community for a four year-old child, it is essential that teachers consider how the classroom design will accommodate children and children with special needs. Students with disabilities may experience different mobility impairments that might need accommodations, students in a wheelchair, for instance, Students might need extra space when sitting in a group settings or maneuvering around the classroom. I will accommodate the needs of every child in my classroom environment, students need to move around while visiting the learning centers. This is very essential in the design of the classroom. I don 't want to open pathways where children can hurt themselves, but I want the classrooms to be spacious enough for the child 's to move around. I will arrange the room so that I can make eye contact with every student and reach each student with ease. The exit signs will be visible for the children as well as the adults to see. …show more content…
This will give the students the best of both worlds. The children will engage in social interaction throughout the classroom. I want to give the students a calling and peaceful learning environment incorporating plants are an excellent way to make any room look more welcoming. My classroom will be full of colors, such as the reading section colors in my room will be bright red and orange to draw the child into reading the books, these warm and bright colors are interpreted as happy, stimulating and inviting colors. The students will have lots of storage and work space areas. This will be a vital part in creating the inspired Reggio Emilia Approach and Montessori learning

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