Classroom Management Is An Important Component For Any Successful Classroom

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Classroom management is an important component to any successful classroom. A well-managed classroom leads to productivity, student engagement, and decrease in negative behavior. Past classroom management involved strict rules, little exploration, and rote learning. However, a progressive movement is shaping the way that classrooms are managed all around the country. Through the comparison of William Glasser, Ellen White, and Harry Wong, this paper explores the way the progressive classroom manages rules, procedures, relationships, will, control, discipline, and the differences of these classroom management frontrunners.
When one walks into most classroom their eyes are immediately drawn to a large poster listing the rules of the classroom. Rules can range from specific instructions, such as raise your hand before answering, to vaguer statements such as respect equipment. However, times are changing in the classroom and rules are not required to be listed out to the letter with a large number of rules. In fact, rules should be brief, few, and specific. Harry Wong the author of The Classroom Management Book (2014) is very specific about how rules can have a negative effect if they are taken too far. “Rules are used to control people. Although rules are necessary, they create an adversarial relationship. When rules are broken, there are adverse consequences. Ideally, rules and policies are meant to be guidelines--not dictums set in stone.” (p. 9). Wong encourages the use of…

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