Classroom Management : An Organization, Set Up, And Structure Of A Classroom

1135 Words Dec 30th, 2015 5 Pages
Classroom Management Book Summary
Rashidah Richardson
Liberty University

Classroom management can be defined as the organization, set up, and structure of a classroom that constitutes to a positive learning environment and maintains student involvement. The book I chose is Classroom Management for Middle and High School Teachers. The overall book was based on research in which the author’s observed and did research in hundreds of classrooms and schools. Throughout this paper, I will summarize the classroom management book as well as discuss strategies that stood out to me and that will be useful in the classroom. Classroom management is based on the students’ understanding of the behaviors that are expected of them. Teachers need to establish rules and procedures to effectively run a smooth classroom. Teachers use these rules and procedures to effectively communicate student behavior. When teachers present the rules to students, teachers should be specific about the expectations from students. This is establishing clear guidelines for the entire day of class. When teachers create a classroom management plan for students to follow, the plan must be fair and consistent to deal with all students who misbehave. When having rules in place, consistency creates an atmosphere that is conducive to teaching and allows time for on task learning. The classroom should consist of observable rules that should be posted in the classroom for students to view. In…

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