Classical Christian Theism Essay example

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Coming into this class at the beginning of the semester, I was very confused about the subject of “truth”. Over the past few years, my definition of this word had changed dramatically. I had hoped that taking a deeper look into worldviews would help me create a contrast between what I did and did not believe, and if I could find the truth of Christianity which had been eluding me for so long. In this course, I found that the topics of Classical Christian Theism, Deism, Traditionalism, New Age Philosophy, and Postmodernism had all influenced my own, current understanding. And, through studying these, I realized how I had arrived at my current beliefs, and how to continue my journey for truth. Growing up, Classical Christian Theism was my dominant worldview, and it influenced many of my experiences. In class, we learned the plight of Montaillou, a town in southern France that, during the Medieval Era, had blatantly sinned against God while never questioning His reality. As absurd as it seemed to live in a world without the influence of Atheism or even Agnosticism, I found I could relate to what the Bible might call their unquestioning, child-like faith (Matthew 18:2-4, New International Version). My mother chose to raise me in the Presbyterian church she had recently joined, although she had come from a traditional Catholic background and my dad had been raised in a Jewish household. To please my Catholic relatives, I was baptized as an infant, a common tradition in some…

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