Clash Between Achilleus And Hektor Essay example

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Explain the clash of values symbolized in the fight between Achilleus and Hektor. (Compare and Contrast their actions and personalities) The clash of values symbolized in the fight between Achilles and Hektor are because they are fighting for two different things. Achilleus had the choice to either fight in the battle of Troy and die with his name being remembered or stay back with his mother in Greece live a long full life. He chose to fight for fame and glory because he wants to be remembered and his name be spoken for generations. Achilleus is egotistical and only cares what people think of him and how well he fights because he is half god, and with being half god he is harder to kill. At the beginning of the war, Achilleus had no reason to fit, but as the story goes on a reason arises.
Hektor on the other hand is only fighting because he is the best fighter that Tory has to offer and also the prince. The city is not the only people relying on Hektor, his father the King, Praim is too. His own brother Paris was not willing to fight in the war and help him (Hektor) after he was left to protect the city by himself. Achilleus only ends up killing Hektor out of anger because Hektor killed Achilleus’ apprentice Patroklos thinking that it was Achilleus. By killing Patroklos Hektor ended any nice things that Achilleus would do for Hektor after he died, such as how Achilleus denied the giving of the body back because Achilleus did not want people to show respect for Hektor.…

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