Cja344 Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Essay

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Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice

Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice Paper “Delinquency is defined as the total prevalence of delinquent acts during the past12 months. The delinquency scale was adopted from the delinquency scale currently utilized in the Monitoring the Future Study of United States students that has been ongoing since1975” (Benschop, Harrison, Korf, & Erickson, 2006, p. 67). Race and ethnicity play a significant role in juvenile delinquency. As we grow up we are and become a product of our environment. Race and ethnical background play huge roles in who we are, how we are raised and what kind of life we
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Much of the research that has been conducted show that in many cases that juvenile delinquency occurs due to problems within the home life. It is significantly more common for a juvenile to become a delinquent because of the issues that he or she with their parental status at home. Some of the contributing factors contained within this area are a lack of supervision, a lack of discipline and or a social or economic status struggle. In many instances children begin to act out and act in ways that they know is wrong, but they are just trying to get their parent’s attention. Although there are many people who are quick to point the finger at a child’s parents this is not the only cause.
“Adolescence is the period of transition between childhood and adulthood. Developmentalists have traditionally viewed adolescence as a time of psychosocial storm and stress—of bearing the burdens of wanting to be an adult long before becoming one. Developmentalists today are more likely to view adolescence as a positive time of opportunities and growth, as most adolescents make it through this transition without serious problems or rifts with parents” ("CliffNotes.com," 2000-2011, p. 1).
The most common age that a juvenile begins to become delinquent is impossible to determine because the children on this path commit crimes along the way, most of

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