Cj440 Unit 5 Midterm Essay example

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Running Head: Unit 5 Assignment 1

Unit 5 Assignment
Dale Hayes
Kaplan University

CJ440 Crisis Intervention: Unit 5 Assignment
Professor Patricia Wachtendorf
July 8, 2013

Running Head: Unit 5 Assignment 2
Role of Law Enforcement in Crisis Intervention
Crisis Intervention Training came from the deadly results between law enforcement and mentally unstable individuals. This training gives them the tools to be able to identify people with various kinds of mental illness. These illnesses include but are not limited to anxiety disorder, mood
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After these needs are met they will be more receptive to talking to you because they are made more comfortable.
Step four is examining alternatives. This is done working with the client in finding resources available for immediate support. The fifth step is making plans. This is done by making short term plans that the client can realistically reach and understand how to reach them you want to give the client access to people or groups that can make themselves immediately available to the client to give them some sense of security that they are not alone.(James, 2004)
The sixth and final step is obtaining a commitment from the client that they will work to achieve their goals with your help. The thing you want to do is get the client to moving in a more positive direction, if the client should lose their way at some point you as the counselor should talk about it with the client and note it in the case file.
The whole point behind the six step model in my opinion is to be able to listen which goes hand in hand with the counseling and problem solving skills that you are going to acquire with experience.

Running Head: Unit 5 Assignment 6
Plan of Action for the scenario
The first thing the officer needs to do is get a handle on the crowd control

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