Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Essays

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Civil Liberties: The Right to Privacy

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Sub Category: Controversy over Abortion

In this assignment I will examine civil liberties, main focus on the abortion

Controversy. In today’s societies, civil rights and civil liberties are not as common

and some are even at risk. Abortion rights are a very special, touchy subject and I

believe there will be never a
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It is our obligation as a modern country to inform and give options to women

who are unwanted pregnant , or want to abort for another reason.

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South Dakota Governor signed an abortion bill who requires women to wait three days,

after they met with a doctor and received counseling. Abortion rights groups are fighting

the bill. Having only one abortion clinic in the entire State makes it no easy to women

in that State not easy to begin with, I actually think it is a good idea, it does reminds me

off my home country, some women are emotional so confused and maybe even

think it is the only way out, but a counseling and a period to think about it, might

help to bring clarity into the situation and might even prevent abortion.

However, again it should not be forgotten these women need alternatives.

For example, the Catholic Church does not want abortions, but closed all

Office, who helped unwanted pregnant women. You cannot be pro-life, but on the other

hand not give a descent way out.

Roe vs. Wade was the seminal federal court case that made abortion legal. This

ruling makes it impossible under current law to ban abortion State by State. In the

current case before the Supreme Court, the issue will be

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