Mccreary County Case: Civil Rights Vs. Civil Liberties

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Ben Byerly Professor Sharifian 9/30/17 Govt 2305 Civil rights v. Civil Liberties Since the foundation of America, many people who lived in the new country struggled to obtain the basic civil rights and liberties that were necessary for a republic. Whether men were treated differently because of the color of their skin, gender, or ethnicity, the equality that was desired for Americans was not granted till the fourteenth amendment was passed. Unlike civil rights, civil liberties are constantly changing as terms are defined and the supreme court determines the correct ruling on cases. These two important topics are what protect and allows Americans to live luxurious lives compared to other nations. Civil rights and Civil liberties are
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The ACLU fought against these counties saying, “the displays violated the first amendments establishment clause, which prohibits the government from passing laws respecting an establishment of religion.” (OYEZ- ACLU v. McCreary County.) The supreme court agreed that it did violate the establishment clause by a 5-4 vote, by presenting biblical passages on walls as well as them in isolation. The ACLU v. McCreary County case is an example of a Civil Liberties case.
Civil rights and liberties are not understood by many but affect all. One must be willing to know their rights and liberties to successfully live a happy life in this great nation. Civil rights and liberties define who and what one will become.
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