Brown V. Board Of Education Of Topeka Essay

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Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas (1954), was a landmark case, impacting the public school system with making segregation within the school system a violation against the law. It showed how separate but equal no longer make sense in America. Leading up to the groundbreaking court case, the country was divided by segregation. In the south, there were Jim Crow Laws and the white population trying to limit the power the African-American had within the community. While in the north there was a large migrant of American Americans looking for a better life in the larger cities. Oliver Brown, Olivia Brown Father, wanted the best for his children and pushed for Brown v Board of Education to be heard in the courts. As in any case, there are two sides to every debate. For, the people who supported the court cases they want to have an end of segregation within the school system. But, those against stood by the Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), created the spate but equal clause within America and the Jim Crow Laws. The case Brown v Board of Education starts with in Topeka, Kansas, with an African-American third-grader named Linda Brown. She was trying to get into an all white school, which was only a few blocks away from where she lived with her family, while the all African-American school was a mile away. Oliver Brown, her father, tried to get her enrolled into the all white school so she did not have to walk a mile through dangerous railroad switchyard. However, the principal…

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