Civil Liberties Vs Civil Rights Essay

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Civil Liberties v Civil Rights Assignment The preservation of civil rights and liberties act hand in hand to protect American citizens and uphold the standard of the American dream. Civil rights and civil liberties are two terms that often get confused with each other. Civil rights are simply everyone’s basic rights that are created to control equal treatment against discrimination. Civil rights also aid in protecting minorities and people based on characteristics such as age, gender, race, and disability (Stanford Journal). On the other hand, Civil liberties are limitations placed on government power by the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution to protect citizens’ individual rights.
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The election process starts with “primary elections” and then “nominating conventions” where each political party unites under selection of a nominee. This nominee is responsible for having a vice president candidate which both act together to create a campaign representing their political views for the country. In order to succeed, “the Presidential elections use the Electoral College” where each candidate must win the majority electoral votes ( As we have seen, powerful political forces use civil liberties “to win battles and gain more power” (UMN Libraries). Supreme Court Justice systems will continue to impact our civil liberties and civil rights as we continue to have cases that change the law. In the Roper v. Simmons 2005 United States Supreme Court case, relating to one’s civil liberties, seventeen year old Simmons was convicted of planning and committing a capital murder. Simmons was tried as an adult because he could not be held to the jurisdiction of a juvenile court system and was sentenced the death penalty. This was not legal because of the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments, which restrict the execution of a mentally retarded person. The Eighth Amendment’s “prohibition against cruel and unusual punishments" acts as a key factor towards “restriction of the State’s power to take such an offender's life”. Also, the Constitution …show more content…
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