Civil Liberties Of The United States Essay

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Historical Civil Liberties The United State 's history of Civil Liberties is extensive with public concerns waning and waxing in conjunction to major historical events. Modern times are subjected to the same tendencies as those in the past. From war time suppression, Red Scare and Cold War eras, history does repeat itself and the War on Terrorism is no exception. During trying times, there is a natural contraction on civil liberties to protect our nation values and way of life. The threat upon society justifies restricting civil liberties of the individual for the greater good of the nation. There was opposition to the concept that community needs were greater than the individual, these radicals were concerned for the individual civil liberties. In the article A New Story of Civil Liberty In the United States addressed this conflict between greater good for community and greater good for the individual in historical terms. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, there was great conflict between theses opposing ideas. During this era United States was finding itself. It had survived a bloody civil war, society was moving from rural to urban living, and its involvement in World War I shaped the people 's perception. It was a an era that the country had to re-define civil liberties to its new reality, a "right of consciousness" (Preston, 1998). The rapid transformation United States went through during this era, each side interrupted the Constitution differently and fought…

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