Citibank Performance Evaluation Essay

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In today’s society consumers want it quick, fast, in a hurry and they are not willing to wait. Customers are becoming more demanding and critical when not having their expectations met. It is important company adjusts to the ever changing attitudes and expectation of customers in the market place. Therefore it is a must for company to satisfy their customers. Customers’ satisfaction is the key to the success of any company. James McGaran is the manager in the Financial District office at Citibank; locate in the Los Angeles area. “Citibank is a niche player and pride themselves on building a profitable franchise by providing relationship banking combined with a high level of service to its customer” (Harvard Business School.
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4). I would let him know I am please with him taken the necessary steps by implementing meeting and coaching his employees to focus on improving customer satisfaction. Overall he has done a great job and he has a great future with the company and what is his next step to continue to improve customer satisfaction.
Wrap Up I would wrap up my performance feedback by mentioning the company’s short and long-term goal. I would explain to James he has a key role in helping the company reach their goals. I would encourage James to continue to work hard at improving his performance levels. I will ensure James I will work with him.

Assume that as a result of your extraordinary performance in MBA 6220, Citibank California has employed you as a consultant to improve its performance evaluation system. Using specific information from this course, what changes in their processes and procedures would you recommend? As a consultant to improve its performance evaluation system, I would recommend performance evaluation is given quarterly instead of annually. Jack Welch states, “The problems with an annual performance review are numerous. If you only do something once a year, you never get good at it. And annual reviews tend to be stressful for reviewers and reviewed alike—not just because it’s such a rare event, but because of when

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