Cis/170 - Ilab 1 of 7 Essay

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CIS/170 - iLab 1 of 7

Week 1: Your First Program: Data Types and Expressions – iLab
Welcome to Programming with C#. The purpose of this three-part lab is to walk you through the following tutorial to become familiar with the actions of compiling and executing a C# program. Objectives and Grading
Lab Objectives:
1. How to create a project
2. How to enter and save a program
3. How to compile and run a program
4. Given a simple problem using input and output, be able to code and test a program
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Use the tab where appropriate. (Note: C# is case sensitive.) Instead of John Doe, type your name.
 class Hello
 {
 static void Main()
 {
 // display output
 System.Console.WriteLine(“John Doe”);
 System.Console.WriteLine(“CIS170B – Programming using C#”);
 System.Console.WriteLine(“\n\n\nHello, world!\n\n”);
 System.Console.WriteLine(“EOJ”);
 System.Console.ReadLine();
 } }
Step 5: Save Program Save your program by clicking File on the menu bar and then clicking Save Program.cs, or by clicking the Savebutton on the toolbar or Ctrl + S.
Step 6: Build Solution To compile the program, click Debug on the menu bar and then click the Build Solution or Build LabAoption. You should receive no error messages in the Error List window below the program. If you see some error messages, check the code above to make sure you didn’t key in something wrong. You can double click on each error message to better navigate to the area where the problem might be. Once you make your corrections to the code, go ahead and build the solution again.
Step 7: Execute the Program Once you have no compile errors, to execute or run your program, either:
 click Debug on the menu bar, and then Start Debugging;
 click the right arrow icon on the menu bar; or
 press the F5 key.
Step 8: Capture the Output Print a picture of your screen output. (Do a print screen and paste this into your MS Word document.)
Step 9: Print the Source Code Copy your

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