Essay about Cipd 3prm


What did I do?

Before I started the appraisal i had to look at the current personal development plan that was in place. I also went through what targets were in place and checked that the objectives that had been set where smart.

I wanted the employee to feel comfortable so I decieded to make this and informal meeting. I wanted to enable the employee to feel at ease and not nervous are anxious.

The model that I decided to use was the GROW model which is used often in coaching to motivate and involve.

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I advised the employee the format of the meeting, I explained that it would be a opportunity to give his view on how he felt his development was
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I now also feel I have the skills to help encourage the employee to talk rather than you doing all the talking, and you have to be able to develop goals and objectives that are appropriate and relevant for the individual.

By asking the right questions and persisting with open questions, they do eventually start to talk.

How will I use what I have learnt?

I think the skills I have learnt will prove useful not only when conducting appraisals, but in other situations such as interviews and disciplinaries. Both of these situations require the use of good questioning and listening skills and I think that I will be much more confident in my ability to engage employees in open conversation in the future.

I think it will also encourage me to take more of an interest into all employees’ development and will now push for reviews to be on a more regular basis. I think this will help to boost employee morale, as well as improve communication between line managers and their staff.


* Work through objectives and assess whether they are SMART? * Look at whether we can re-word these to make them more achievable * Look at strengths and weaknesses * Discuss rewarding and timescales * Development area’s * Discuss more realistic targets


To be provided with extra support in areas where established weakness’s.


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