Sunday Is Church Day: Limage Family

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Sunday is Church day
Widler Limage

Limage family productions
Home Address: 5105 Excellence Blvd Tampa FL 33617
Church Address: 300 East Ave Tampa, FL 33604
Copyright, November 18, 2016

Sunday, November 13: It was an early Sunday morning the alarm of the cell phone rings Peterson and Amy were awake getting ready to go to church. They have three children together two boys and one girl their name is Jake, Wade, and Amber. They live in a beautiful area in the Tampa Bay in a tall, narrow, traditional row townhouse near the beach. The apartment was on the fifth floors on the south side of the building facing the ocean.
Pastor Peterson:
Stumble out of the morning snooze and peek into his children bedrooms. They were
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The Limage family is not a society intended by man. God formed it for the benefit of man, and women have been given stewardship over it. The basic biblical family unit is embraced by one man, one woman his spouse and "most important principles of the family system that respects the responsibility that appointed by God for an endurance time. Husband and wife are liable for holding the family together" (web) and strong with the words of God; they are current hold the attitude of our culture notwithstanding. In fact, one thing a Christian family hate is divorce in the society, because the Bible tells us that God dislikes divorce primarily. Therefore, the Limage family is trying to be a remodel to the …show more content…
Everybody was clapping after he said the answer… Brother John says good respond brother Matt.
Next question said brother John…
Can someone explain what is grow in Christian faith mean?
Sister Kati raises her hand was like…. As children of God, we have learned so many things about Jesus ' teachings and discovered the gifts of God that come through the Holy Spirit. said sister Kati Christians also want to turn their full attention to learning more about what it means to live as a person of faith. They are not content simply knowing the Bible and believing in God; instead, Christians want to grow in their knowledge of God 's purposes. They want their relationship with God to grow deeper day and year.
Acknowledge the sister
Everyone was clapping after she said the response… Brother John says good answer sisters Kati.
The conclusion of Sunday school…
Brother John says the greatest gift that our church has to offer to the people is the solid faith that has been passed down through the generations, so let 's take this day to appreciate just how important the future of our congregation.
The worship by the choir

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