Christmas Party Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The Christmas party for instance gives one the impression that employees are free to interact on the same level as the bosses. The breakfast on the other hand, clearly shows the all the power existing in the hands of management. In the case of the Christmas party, the employee’s use of skits to express their renditions of the company’s atmosphere provides them with a perceived sense of power. That is to say, the employees have power to have some fun at the expense of the bosses and without fear of retribution. Another instance of power and politics at play occurs at the Christmas party when a particularly obnoxious boss solicits the opinion of an office manager regarding his behavior (Rosen, 1988). Had this encounter occurred at the office and outside the “party” setting, the office manager may have felt powerless to answer the questions honestly. However, because the boss posed the question in an atmosphere free of the work environment, the office manager felt free to answer the question honestly and without reservation. In this particular case, the boss used power and politics to gain an honest answer to a question he might not have otherwise had answered …show more content…
It epitomizes both the overt and hidden structures of power. In addition, it illustrates some of the strategies companies use to exert their power over their employees. I have had to the opportunity to attend many events such as those discussed in the particular case study. However, prior to this unit, I never gave much thought to the real planning that may go in to meetings and/or activities that take place outside of the working environment. I never considered that venue selection, as well as date and time might send a subtle message as to how I am to act and behave. It is clear that both management and its employees have the ability to gain power in these types of situations. The secret to capitalizing on any particular situation is being educated regarding the employment of such power and political strategies, and being capable of acting

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