Christmas Advert Analysis

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What is the best and the brilliant advert to watch on TV at Christmas time? It is John Lewis: the long wait advert. This Christmas advert clearly gives a great message about Christmas. In this advert, there have shown Christmas in a different perspective. It was a wonderful advert, that make me confused on how to start tell you about the advert. This advert is about a young boy waiting restlessly for Christmas, he tries to do a lot of different tricks to make the Christmas come quickly such as he tries to use magic to make the clock moves faster and wolfing down his peas on Christmas Eve, so he could go to sleep as soon as possible. The twist in the advert was that: he's not impatient for his own gifts, he just can't wait to give his parents their gift. …show more content…
This is clearly shown in the advert. Also, in this advert there have represented how children are like at Christmas time.
There are ranges of things that I like in this video about Christmas, but the best
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Overall, the Long Wait advert is engaged on an emotional level - having a character that you can relate to your own child. As most of the people say that, it was a particularly strong emotional performance of 2011's 'The Long Wait' John Lewis' Christmas advert actually has become something of an 'event. This advert has melted most of people heart, however If your heart hasn't been melted by The Long Wait then it is made of

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