Christian Religion And Beliefs On Life Essay

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Where do we go after we die, up to heaven or just sleep till the end of eternity? There is so many theories and ideas of what goes on after life is done. Every culture in the world has a different belief in the afterlife. I am one of the few people that stand in the middle of this situation. I do believe in an afterlife because of being introduced to it as a kid through church. At the same time I think there is not one because there is no science proof behind this. I am open to all ideas and am interested to pick a side but as for now I sit in the middle spectrum. As a kid growing up with my dad being in my life for about 2 years before he left for California. We used to go to a Pentecostal church every Sunday and read the bible. I am not sure why we did but I was introduced to the Christian religion and beliefs. They believe that after we die we go to heaven or hell depending on what you did in your lifetime. Heaven was described as a mighty high temple where you get to enjoy eternity with whatever your heart most desired. Hell was the opposite, no one wants to be in hell because that was the devils sanctuary. I was thought to behave well and do the right thing and praise the lord so that I am guaranteed a spot in Heaven. As I got older, my dad left us and my mom to go through the worst. I am blessed to say that with the Lord is the reason we have a better life and is always looking out for us. We have a better house, 2 cars and everything we could possibly ask for plus we…

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