Faith Unraveled Summary

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Rachael Held Evans, bestselling author of Biblical Womanhood wrote the book Faith Unraveled which have two parts: the first part talks about her personal experience of her childhood growing in a Christian family, her constant faith in god and Christianity. The second part is about the questions that aroused about her own faith in god and further looks for an appropriate answer if god existed and if Christianity is the greatest religion of all. In the beginning, she had a series of false consciousness in her mind about different religion impacting their followers differently. She was in dilemma if only Christians are meant for heaven and others for hell. The story of Zarmina made the questions that she had about her faith more complicated. Evans tried to unfold that god …show more content…
Different geographical location, social background determine which religion one believe. Every religion have their own story behind the creation of earth and human beings. They follow their own god and pray in their own language. Born in different parts of the world have nothing to do with leading their life in heaven or hell. In relation with my personal experience, I think that our present determines what our future is going to look like. If we help people in need, feed old and homeless people, not curse on others, have positive attitude, it is meaningful to say the person is going to end up in heaven. The heaven and hell lies in our imaginary thoughts and even the physical appearance of god is invisible. This helps to make an assumption that the story of the god, heaven and hell have been passed down by our ancestors. In this process, some parts were lost while others were added. The faith I have toward my god is the most important part. Whenever I am in pain or having a hard time, I take his name and pray. This makes me feel god actually exist and is watching us growing each

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