Essay on Christian Influence On Medieval Europe

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Germanic verses Christian Influence on Medieval Europe
The middle ages was a time period of unprecedented change, hallmarking a new and revolutionary medieval Europe. During this age, Christian and Germanic influences both played a major role in creating and sustaining Europe. From England to the Holy Roman Empire to the edge of the Byzantine Empire, the impacts of both religion and culture were intermingled into Medieval European social structures, political powers, and daily life. However, the impact one of these powers was much stronger and everlasting than the other. The influence of Christian religion affected Medieval Europe by creating an international political struggle through The Crusades, reorganizing social classes with the addition of clergy elites, inspired European citizens to express new arts from architecture to education, and even dictating government law through Holy Scripture. Although some may argue that the effects of Germanic influence on social structures may have done more to create Medieval Europe, the variety and magnitude of Christian influence during the middle ages proves otherwise. The growth of Christianity in the middle ages empowered the people of medieval Europe to fight for and protect their relativity new-found faith. It is estimated that during the middle approximately three-fourths of Europe followed and practiced Christianity. As Christianity made its wide expansion east, it was soon met by an equally powerful spreading religion,…

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