Positive And Negative Effects Of The Crusades

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Religion was an important aspect of everyday life during medieval times. The Crusades were wars designed to help religious figures control and expand the Catholic Church. The expansion of the Catholic Church would lead to power and also an increase in revenue for the church simply because they could control every aspect of the people’s lives, whether that was forcing the people to pay more taxes or causing them to revolt against one another. Religion and the Crusades directly correlated with one another because religion was the main focal point of the crusades. The medieval life time period began approximately in 500 AD after the fall of the Roman Empire (Middle Ages). Medieval life demonstrated the need for Kings, Queens, Knights, and Jesters …show more content…
Pope Claremont was an authoritative political and religious figure that had great influence over the people. The first crusade was preached in approximately 1095; this first crusade caused the people to begin wearing red crosses on all of their clothes to signify that they supported the idea of taking the Holy Land back from the Muslims (Crusades). There were about 9 crusades designed to expand the power of the Catholic Church but the first four were the most important because they focused on taking over the Holy Land; the third crusade actually marked the takeover of the Holy Land Jerusalem. The crusades had many different positive and negative effects on Europe. The major negative effects that the crusades had on the people were that it created a hostile living environment and the multiple crusades cost millions of lives. Although the crusades were not positive for the people per say but it was very important for the Catholic Church. The crusades increased wealth and power, increased commerce between Europe and different countries, and also helped create social development (Diversity) among the people. The crusades were successful in getting the holy land back but were also unsuccessful because of the many lives that were lost because of the constant fighting. Overall the crusades were successful because they increased the power of the Catholic Church and helped them expand their political views even further than Europe. The crusades also helped new religions develop and expand because for so long there was only Catholicism. The biggest thing that was achieved from the crusades was the diversity because people from everywhere were forced to interact and share knowledge with one

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