Essay on Christian Education : The School

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Late in the summer of 1996, a fire destroyed Bethel Free Will Baptist Church, including Bethel Christian Academy, the school affiliated with the church. After a brief delay and with the help of a nearby church, the school began its semester in early September. “We started ground up and rebuilt everything again,” Rhonda Stegall, who has worked at the school for almost 10 years, said. “We’ve kept the school going for 35 years.” The school opened in the 1980-1981 academic year, 25 years after its parent church opened. “We wanted the parents to have a choice about where they wanted to send their kids to get a Christian based education,” Gail Delancey, the school’s art teacher, said. “We want our community to have a choice in the education that is given to their children.” Delancey said the school aims to provide a Christian education to its students. “Our goal is to teach, educate and to promote the principles of godly values from our Bible,” she said. Melissa Matthews, who attended the school for 11 years and now has 3 children enrolled there, said it also aims “to prepare and equip our students to become upstanding citizens.”
Gwen Garland, the school’s secretary and unofficial public relations representative, said one of the things she most values about Bethel Christian Academy is its environment. She has children enrolled in the school.
“It is so comforting for us to know that our kids have other Christian teachers staff and friends they can confide in while in…

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