Choosing A Personality Profile Test On The College Board Essay

1409 Words May 11th, 2015 6 Pages
The purpose of the research paper was to give me the opportunity to take the first steps in the search for my future college choice. A series of steps were taken to develop this finishing product of the gathered information. To start, I took a personality profile test on the College Board website. Next, the information was evaluated by friends and family in order to determine accuracy. I used this information and created an overall analysis of my personality. Then, I took the information of my test to look into what career fields I would best correlate with. After I choose a future career, I looked for colleges that matched my preferences and my career choice. Finally, I began to research the standard that each college would search for in an admissions process. The research that I collected from each source allowed me to start planning and take action on the steps that I need to be continuously making. The first step of my research project was to take a personality profile test. The personality profiler was a test given on the College Board I.D. Me website. The test asked a series of multiple choice question that were used to evaluate the different aspects of my personality. According to the I.D. Me Website, I am characterized as “the caretaker.” The caretaker is explained to be an organized, friendly, and caring person. It explained how I enjoy helping people in need in a practical manner. Also, that I feel responsible to live up to my obligations and commitments. The…

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