Essay on Choosing A Career Path And College

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A question asked to all students throughout the High School years is, “What do you want to do after High School?”. Deciding a career path and college, takes time and effort. A lot of research will go into picking a suitable college. Missouri State University is a fitting college for a secondary school because it is priced decently, with a variety of extracurricular activities to join, and offers many majors, including Sociology, and financial support. Colleges from all over the US have multiple activities with good pricing. MSU is going to be a good choice for many students interested in having a large spectrum of knowledge and social skills.
Missouri State University is located in Springfield, MO. Springfield is in the southwest portion of Missouri, the population is around 160,000. The majority of Springfield’s population is white, with over 140,000 people (Population 1). Missouri State is quite convenient when it comes to options for food. There is a variety of fast food restaurants, sit-down restaurants, and grocery stores near MSU. Steak ‘n Shake, Subway, Applebee’s, Waffle House, and Buffalo Wild Wings, are some of the food choices within a close proximity to the MSU campus (Missouri State University 1). Walmart and Aldi’s are close to the campus, which would be handy for grocery items. There are many potential job opportunities near MSU. Fast food places, like Quizno’s, hire many students from MSU but only pay minimum wage. A part-time job in college…

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