Essay on Choices For Students And Young Adults

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Choices. Many are hard, only some come easy. Sometimes they are made with careful thought and consideration, but often enough they are made without a care in the world. Choices. They define who we are, who we want to be. With every choice we make, whether it be what we want, or based off the opinions of others, we are little by little changing the way our life turns out. These choices are necessary, as they develop and shape who we are as both students and young adults. One of your most challenging choices will come at the beginning of sophomore year, and will sound something like this, “Welcome to interdisc kids, please choose a seat and sit down.” Wow, have I heard that before! These words are not to be missed! Not to be ignored! When you get this choice it appears so simple, but don’t fall for it! It will stick with you and it will challenge you. Give this decision very careful thought because it could save your entire sophomore year, but only if you choose to sit on Mrs. Hartley’s side of the class. Why would you choose her side you ask? Mrs. Hartley’s words are filled with continual possibility and positive nature. Her fun, laid-back, and interactive teaching style creates an environment that, in turn, allows her students to be more engaged overall. She provides hands-on project based learning instead of tests, which pushes her students to continually be creative, use their imagination, and more importantly, believe in themselves. From personal…

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