Persuasive Essay On How To Make Cupcakes

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Maria Flores
Professor Cain
English 1301-309
18 October 2017
Chocolate Cupcakes: Lazy People Edition
Baking is an amazing way to show someone your affection. From birthday cakes to a simple cupcake for when a loved one is feeling down, or for a special occasion. But what happens when you are lazy person? Or you are too busy, but you already told someone that you would take your special baked cupcakes to the party? So here you have an easier way to bake those delicious chocolate cupcakes and still have time to watch your favorite TV show or finish that homework assignment that is due on a couple of hours.
Before you begin you will need several ingredients. They include: Betty Croker Super Moist Devil’s Food Cake mix, 1 ¼ Milk, 1/3 Vegetable Oil ,3 eggs, 2 table spoon of pure vanilla extract (optional), and frosting (any flavor you prefer). You will also need the following supplies: Large bowl, mixer, ice
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Once the oven is ready you can put the cupcakes to bake. While you wait for about 30 minutes for the cupcakes to be done you can use that time to do one of your hobbies at home. Maybe watch a movie or a show, like Greys Anatomy or finish your homework if you are a college student. Once the 30 min are up grab a tooth pick and make sure that every cupcake its baked from the bottom to the top. If the tooth pick comes out clean that means that the cupcakes are done and ready to take out, but if the tooth pick comes out with batter then you will have to leave it for another 5 more minutes. Once all is done you will need a cooling rack to pull out the baked cupcakes because the pan is hot. For about 10 minutes you will need to let the cupcakes cool down. Lastly, and most importantly the touch that would give the cupcake a fascinated touch is the frosted. Apply the frosted by using a knife to apply it on top. You can put the cupcakes in a stand where people can freely

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