Analysis Of Chicken N (And) Dumplings

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Chicken n ' (and) Dumplings is a traditional southern meal, and this recipe with a modern short cut makes it easy for anyone to make them from scratch. This cheap, hardy meal is great for those cold fall nights. One batch will feed a crowd, and this version even popular with kids. They love to help roll out the dough and play in the flour. It does get messy! An apron is recommended, along with a bath for any kiddos that help out. This is definitely a fun recipe, and with only thirty minutes of prep, it is much quicker than older recipes for a busy weeknight. First things first, The ingredients need to be gathered. For the dumplings flour, baking powder, salt, butter, and milk will be needed. Either chicken broth, stock or bullion will also be needed. Since most of the ingredients are household staples, many people only have to buy a rotisserie chicken …show more content…
Make sure there is room in the bowl to work with the dough that will form. Mix two cups of flour, ½ a teaspoon of baking powder, and a pinch of salt in the bowl. Do not worry so much about evenly distributing the ingredients, they will mix better later on. Now “cut” the butter into the bowl with fingers. This will be difficult if the butter is not softened completely. Putting in the microwave until it is just soft is much easier than letting it sit out. Use an entire stick of butter, breaking it into smaller chunks will make it easier to mix in. Combine all ingredients in bowl until they take on a crumbly texture. Make sure any clumps of butter are broken up, and all flour is coated. This next part takes some judgment. Add just enough milk to the bowl to form a ball of dough. Just under a cup is usually all it takes to get it right. Use flour coated hands to mix it all up and knead it into a ball. The flour will help keep the dough from sticking to an extent. Some may still stick and needs to be scraped off and combined with the rest of the

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