Chipotle : A Mexican Grill Restaurant Essay

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Chipotle is a Mexican Grill restaurant that is famous with its “food with integrity”. They served their customers with healthier foods (Nutrition Calculator) and Allergens & Special Diet. Chipotle has Burrito, Burrito bowl, Tacos, Salad, Chips & Drinks, Kid’s build, and Kid’s Cheese Quesadilla on their menu.
Chipotle Company make high profits, which is benefits from their efficient operation. For example, the best restaurant can serve 300 customers in 1 hour, and the speed of service is chipotle has been reached. The average price per meal is more than $9 in chipotle, which is similar price with their competitors, such as McDonald 's Corp, Yum! Brands, Inc. and so on.
In Chipotle, not only to do their own work well, but also to do it unusually. When Chipotle opened the first restaurant in 1993, the goal is simple, the company want to provide customers with high quality delicious food and first-class customer service. But now, it is not only need to do these, but also to chipotle need to transform themselves from the entire fast food industry changes. In order to achieve this goal, they focused on the production with the best ingredients and in order to make delicious food for customers, while it is improving the strength of the team. As one of the fastest growing companies, Chipotle companies are looking for like-minded people, to help the company to use the existing resources, to achieve long-term stable growth. Chipotle try to make a breakthrough, which is going to use…

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