Chinese Students At The United States Essay

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Chinese students in United States

Golden sunlight shines through the clear sky, casts a sharp bright reflection on the top of the mountains in distanced. The airs is tingled up with the sweet smell of summer orange blossom, and with mountains are lining up in one direction, the ocean in the other. The horizon of the blue ocean stretches far and gently vanished little by little, and then finally kisses the skyline. Peer out from the hills over the ocean coast, those palm trees grown tall into the sky, swaying their branches in the breezes, which look like they are long-necked, shaggy-haired giraffes dancing with delight. California --- a Golden State that portrayed as a larger-than-life coast paradise where anything can be possible. In addition with the long history of connection of Chinese culture since the Gold Rush, especially with two China Towns in the nation, California is absolutely one of the top states for Chinese students come and study. According to Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles County has one of the largest Chinese student populations in the U.S. with a total number of more than 4000 students. However, it’s not California only, but the whole United States is having more and more Chinese students. Over the past decade, America is attracting a massive group of Chinese coming and study in the states, in which the number showed a dramatic increase.
According to the 2012-2013 Open Doors report, there are 235,597 students from China came study in the United States…

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