Importance Of Writing Paper

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As a bilingual student, I knew that I would have a hard time writing an academic paper. Every time when I write a paper, I need to spend at least four hours completing a rough draft, then spend another hour rereading and editing my paper. I need to ask someone to proofread my paper in order to make papers flow. Usually, it would take me six to seven hours to finish it. Also, I spend more time when I am doing a research paper. Spending a lot of time on one paper makes me hate writing papers. My grammar and vocabulary are also my weakness that I need to overcome. I know how to express exactly my thoughts in Chinese, but not in English. The reason why I can’t express exactly my thoughts in English are due to my limited vocabulary and poor grammar. Time management and vocabulary are not the only situation I faced, knowing how to make a paper organized and using rhetoric are also the problems for my paper. I would have a whole idea in my mind before starting a paper; however, my papers were not following what I thought when I was writing papers, sometimes it is just out of topic or the explanations do not support my thesis statement, then I have to rework on my argument. I have never thought about using any …show more content…
My FACS 114 was asking me to research and development of a relevant nutrition handout/ brochure, a brochure was created which could briefly summary what I wrote in the paper. Therefore, they could just read the brochure to get an idea of my whole essay without reading my paper that could make readers feel more interesting and easier to read my paper. However, the brochure that I created was too wordy. Then I realized that the brochure should be as brief as possible so people would read it. A wordy brochure makes people feel no desire to read; they will discard it instead of reading it. I think I didn’t do well on medium part, but now I know what my problem was, which I would improve it next

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