Chinese Immigrants During The United States Essay examples

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Chinese immigrants started to arrive in the United States in significant numbers in the late 1840s, specifically 1848, when the California gold rush began to make headlines. People from around the globe came to California in hopes of getting rich quick, and then returning to their home countries. By 1852, California had passed a Foreign Miner’s Tax, specifically targeting the Chinese and forcing them to pay $3 a month for a license to be able to mine for gold. Chinese immigrants were in numbers upwards of 25,000 – the largest nonwhite group there to mine. White men wanted to regulate the number of Chinese there, and keep them from taking large amounts of gold back to China and out of the United States. As time went on, the United States government and California decided to take more drastic measures against Chinese immigrants, and thus began the passage of the Chinese exclusion laws. White men claimed that the Chinese were “inassimilable” and would never fit in with the American culture or be true Americans. The first exclusion law was The Page Act of 1875, and was meant to keep out all Chinese women and contract workers. It wasn’t terribly effective in keeping out the contract workers, but its implications were felt for Chinese women. However, the main exclusion law was passed in 1882.3 It was a federal act, and declared that Chinese immigrants were banned from entering the US for a period of ten years, (excluding teachers, students, merchants, tourists, and diplomats)…

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