Chimamanda Adichie's We Should All Be Feminist

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In We Should all Be Feminist, Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Adichie, opens up a conversation about gender roles and how they are relevant in society by addressing the topic of feminism. She recalls her personal experiences and emotional words of others and her traditional culture to represent why feminism is necessary and why it could be conceptualized as a negative concept. She defines men and women as being treated and seen equally. Using ethos, pathos, and logos Adichie makes a call to action for all to be feminist. Based on her lecture, all people should adopt a feminist mindset to discourage gender biases and provide equal opportunities for all.
A feminist mindset would allow women to grow and learn without being discriminated against. It
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There are still commonalities today that were created by men that constrict women. Smith suggests if a woman was to overcome it and create a mind of her own, the woman’s capabilities will expand and so will her knowledge (Campbell 10).
Campbell responds, “ If we accept Smith's view, no longer can we think of ruling being done by powerful others, somewhere out there, entirely separate from ourselves. We all take up ruling concepts and activate them as we go about our daily lives” (16). These ideas encourage a confidence amongst the security of knowledge. If young girls are able to educate themselves or be educated the way many boys get to take advantage of, it would provide for an equal opportunity of knowledge and credibility of best fit for a position or qualification, especially in cultures such as
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As Adichie introduces the illogical nature of the way society has evolved into a place where, “Men and women are different...Men have more testosterone and are in general, physically stronger than women...52% of the world's population is female or most of the positions in power and procedure occupied by men. In a literal way, men rule the world...Today we live in a different world. The people more qualified to lead is not the physically strong person. It is the more intelligent, knowledgeable, innovative. There are no hormones for this attributes. A man is as likely as a woman to be intelligent, Innovative, creative. We have evolved but our ideas of gender have not evolved (Adichie).” Through these ideas, Adichie conveys disassociation of women with domestication, and men from dominant or masculine work such as hard labor, would provide for a more tolerant society where everyone has an equal chance at virtually

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