Essay on Children See Their Future Best Without

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Children See Their Future Best Without Blackeyes
Seeing pictures and evidence of domestic abuse in any way makes one hope it is not as common as theorised. It is hard to say whether it is true or not, but seeing a child with a bloody lip, or maybe even black eye, will make anyone suspicious of what occurs inside their home. That is why Amnesty International sponsored Diogo MonteCarlo, Luis Gutierrez and Lucas Rozada in the creation of this heart wrenching photo to create raise awareness and hopefully preventing domestic violence. This visual is composed of a young caucasian boy with a black eye with text across his face. The expression on his face shows looks of fear and depression. The boy has jet black hair that matches his shirt and background to the very shade. It is no coincidence that his hair and shirt match the black background making the boy’s pale face with a black eye the focal point of the image. The next thing you notice about the boy is the bright white text across his face. The color of the background helps the image and text stand out because, an eerie dark horror effect is created in contrast to the boy’s ghostly face with white text across it. There is also more illumination of the left side of his face emphasizing the boy’s black eye. The gloomy darkness also helps convey the boy’s emotions. It helps do this by using black portraying fear, loneliness, and helplessness. This photo could be described as all of those characteristics, but fear…

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