Essay on Children Of All Ages Lie For Different Stages Of Development

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It is nearly impossible to find people who have never lied in their lives. You have done it in your childhood and you may be continuing to tell white lies even now. Remember, you had to take a day off when your relatives paid a visit, but you didn’t want to tell your boss the truth. So you told him you were down with a splitting headache or fever, didn’t you? However, it can come to you as a shock when your kids lie to you, especially if they make a habit out of weaving a network of lies for no apparent reason. Yes, lying is wrong, it is worrisome and it should be discouraged; but it indeed is normal in children.
Lying in different stages of development
Children of all ages lie for different reasons. No kid is born with a moral code; they learn and internalize social values as they grow up. Their understanding of truth/lies and fantasy/reality changes as they grow through different stages of development.
 Toddlers (1-3 years): Usually kids start lying around the age of three. Toddlerhood is a period when your child depends on you for almost everything. But she also begins to realize that you, her mamma, are not a mind-reader and hence, it is possible to feed you with false information. What looks and sounds like a lie at this stage of development may only be an attempt to not offend you. So, when you ask your toddler “Did you eat the chocolate that was there on the dining table?” you are most likely to get a resounding “no” for an answer.
 Pre-schoolers (3-5 years):…

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