Children Development Based On Religion Essay

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Children Development Based on Religion
There is a saying that goes, “The apple does not fall far from the tree." Children have always been judged based on the roots of their parents. It 's also like the saying, "like mother, like daughter." However, it is wrong to think that a child will be this way or that way just by judging them solely based off of their parents. There are many contributing factors that help develop children and that influences them to be who they are. One contributing factor that affects the lives or development of a child is religion. With religious parents, religious children are taught to be kind and a good person ever since birth. Such as Christians, their kids are taught the 10 commandments and they learn to never cheat, kill, and lie and to love one another. However, this is just as what any other children would be taught since they were young. The only difference between children’s development would have to be their beliefs and religion, because religion is a huge contributing factor into children 's lives and development.
Being religious, people learn to care for each other more. Children will learn to care more for their parents and love their neighbors as the commandment states. Although many would like to disagree, there has been a study shown that being religious affects the way a person lives and grows. "Religiosity has been largely overlooked by many studies on international support despite growing evidence to its significant role in…

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